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Slade, Tom. Tom Slade was created by Percy Keese Fitzhugh (Skippy Dare, Mark Gilmore, Hal Keen) and appeared in the eighteen-book “Tom Slade” series, beginning with Tom Slade, Boy Scout of the Moving Pictures (1915) and concluding with Tom Slade in the Haunted Tavern (1929).

Tom Slade begins life as "the best all-around hoodlum in town." He lives in Bridgeboro, New Jersey with his drunken, lazy father and no-good brother in Barrel Alley, Bridgeboro's skid row. The family gets evicted, Mr. Slade dies, and Tom hits the streets, to be rescued by John Temple, a philanthropist who had turned his estate in the Catskills into a camp for Boy Scouts. Slade is taken in by Temple and converted to the Boy Scout way, quickly becoming the best Scout of them all.

Not that Slade is sleek and clean, of course; he is always dirty, his uniform askew, his hair uncombed and his face "square and dull." But he knows his woodcraft exceedingly well. After various good times with the Scouts he decides to help Uncle Sam against the Germans, but he is too young to enlist, so he takes a job on a tramp steamer, helping ship munitions to Our Boys Over There. He goes on to help win the war and then solve various mysteries at home.

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