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Simba. Simba was created by Stewart Edward White (Andy Burnett, Percy Darrow, Bobby Orde) and appeared in a number of stories in Saturday Evening Post in 1917, beginning with “The Naming” (Saturday Evening Post, July 21, 1917).

Simba, née Toto, is the tall, athletic warrior of a Swahili-speaking East African tribe somewhere on the veldt. He took the name “Simba” after single-handedly trying to fend off a lion (“simba” in Swahili) attack as a teenager. As a young man he deals with wild animals, inimical witch doctors, and the many unpleasant situations which the white man gets the native peoples into. These include providing the bounty for a safari and the run-up to a war between white tribes (like the Germans and British), who are willing to exorbitantly pay the local peoples to ally with them during the war.

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