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Burnett, Andy. Andy Burnett was created by Stewart Edward White (Percy Darrow, Bobby Orde, Simba) and appeared in twenty-five stories in The Saturday Evening Post, six novels and Big Little Books, and a tv series from 1931 to 1958. beginning with “The Mountain Man” (The Saturday Evening Post, Feb. 7, 1931).

Andy Burnett is a nineteen-year-old who sets out to become a frontiersman in the American West. However, this is in the years after the Civil War, and life on the frontier is not what it was. But Burnett is well-conditioned to make his way, for he bears the rifle of Daniel Boone, given to Burnett’s grandfather by Boone himself. This, and Burnett’s natural manners, gives Burnett entry into the society of more experienced and learned adventurers than himself, such as the grizzled Joe Crane, who knew Burnett’s grandfather. Together Crane and Burnett fight against the companies that are ruining the beaver streams and “liquorizing” the natives, as well as various hostile natives and whites.

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