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Shrig, Sgt. Jasper. Sgt. Jasper Shrig was created by Jeffery Farnol (Martin Conisby) and appeared in ten novels from 1913 to 1952, beginning with The Amateur Gentleman.

Sgt. Jasper Shrig is a policeman employed at Bow Street during the Regency (the reign of King George IV, 1811-1830). Shrig is a foppish-seeming swashbuckler, swordsman, and cunning detective.

* I'm including the Sgt. Jasper Shrig novels stories in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because they are quite well-written. Jeffrey Farnol was in the post-Stanley Weyman School of historical romancers, but he may have been the best of those who followed Weyman et al. Farnol was a skilled, talented, and very popular author--he and Georgette Heyer essentially began the Regency Romance genre--and the Jasper Shrig novels are generally earlier work by him, but they stand comparison to his Regency Romances. They are well-written, well-characterized, by turns exciting, melancholy, and instructional when appropriate, and Shrig himself is a very early example of the Regency detective character type. Recommended. 

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