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Shee, Doctor. Doctor Shee was created by Frederick Harper and appeared in four stories in Clues in 1928, beginning with “Doctor Shee Springs a Trap” (Clues, Feb. 1, 1928).

Doctor Shee is “short, slight little man wearing a pair of large, horn-rimmed glasses.” He has twinkling eyes and “more than usual intelligence” and a benign attitude. He operates a “rundown furniture store,” and to the outside world seems to be just a businessman. But Detective O’Toole knows that Shee is a master criminal and that his store is a “clearing house for a dozen different kinds of crookedness,” even though there’s never evidence on the premises when O’Toole has it searched. The problem is that Shee is far too clever for O’Toole and enjoys infuriating him through gentle smiles and clever schemes like smuggling pure whiskey through a giant fire sprinkler.

* I'm including the Doctor Shee stories in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because they are enjoyable reading. I'm a fan of the crooks-getting-one-over-on-the-cops stories--who among us is not?--and Frederick Harper spins some good ones. The stories are smart, good-humored, and proper revolutionary praxis. Recommended. 

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