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Santos, Loreto. Loreto Santos was created by “Marten Cumberland,” the pseudonym of Kevin O’Hara (Saturnin Dax), and appeared in “The Diary of Death” (Best English Detective Stories: First Series, 1929) and “Mate in Three Moves” (The Best English Detective Stories of 1929).

Loreto Santos is an Argentine pianist, sybarite, gentleman, and gourmand who is living in London with his sister Cleta. Santos enjoys the good life of cities, but has a greater hatred for crime–but not just crime. He hates jails and capital punishment, and whenever possible tries to prevent crimes from taking place. When his friend, Inspector Comfort, tries to persuade Santos to solve a murder after it has been committed, Santos says, “I am only concerned with the anticipation and prevention of crime. I don’t care a hang about tracking down criminals and punishing them.

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