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Pitaval, Leon. Francois Gayot de Pitaval (1673-1743) was a Parisian lawyer who published Causes Célèbre et Intéressantes (1734), a twenty-two-volume set of true crime cases which helped to inspire the development of detective fiction in France and Germany. In 1919 he appeared in fictional form as Leon Pitaval, the master detective, in Mesterdetektiven Leon Pitaval #1-85 (1919-1921), which was written by the Danish author Louis Møller (Protea, Dr. Zigomar); the series was reprinted in Sweden in 1920.

The fictional Leon Pitaval is a Great Detective and is active against crime across Europe, fighting Yellow Perils and a variety of fantastic foes.

Pitaval appears in stories with titles like “The Living Mummy,” “The Werewolf,” and “The Daemon Ka Rha.”

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