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Palmer, Professor. Professor Palmer was created by W. Elwyn Backus (Philip Carewe) and appeared in “The Waning of a World” (Weird Tales, Nov. 1925-Feb. 1926).

Professor Palmer is a Planetary Romance Hero. He is a noted astronomer who is certain that Mars is inhabited. Robert Sprague is the son of an inventor who with Robert’s help constructed a spherical spaceship. Sprague, Palmer, and a reporter stowaway travel to Mars and discover that it is Earth-like, with natives who are humanoid and only a little smaller than homo sapiens. Sprague falls in love with the daughter of a Martian governor. Unfortunately, the tyrannical emperor is in love with the same woman, and he attacks them. Civil war breaks out, and Sprague’s ship, with its electricity ray, wins the battle for the good Martians. The earthmen and the Martian woman then return to Earth.

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