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Carewe, Philip. Philip Carewe was created by W. Elwyn Backus (Professor Palmer) and appeared in “Behind the Moon” (Weird Tales, Dec. 1929-Feb. 1930).

Philip Carewe is a Planetary Romance Hero. He is a young inventor in Ohio who creates a space-worthy rocket. He and three of his friends take the rocket to the moon, where they are captured by the Lunites, small gray mushroom-headed humanoids. The Lunites are half-animal and half-vegetable and live short lives, but they plan on improving their lifespan by using Beryl, one of Carewe’s friends, as a brood mare. The four humans escape from the Lunites by traveling to the moon’s dark side, which is a jungle full of monstrous insects. One of the four humans dies from the consequences of his greed, but the other three manage to make it back to the rocket and return home to Earth.

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