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Nevorozhin. Nevorozhin was created by the Russian author Venjamin Kaverin (The Fifth Wanderer, Panaev, Shmerl, Shvarc, Reginald Stejfors) and appeared in Ispolnenie Zhelaniy (1927).

Nevorozhin is a “political detective” in Moscow in 1927 who opposes the actions of Trubachevsky, a patriotic and zealous young Russian student of literature who makes an important literary discovery. Kaverin contrasts Trubachevsky and his friend Kartashikhin, the proletariat agricultural worker; Trubachevsky is the novel’s hero but is shown to be less important to society than Kartashikhin. Nevorozhin is eventually revealed to be an agent of a Western anti-Soviet émigré association.

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