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Shvarc. Shvarc was created by the Russian author Venjamin Kaverin (The Fifth Wanderer, Nevorozhin, Panaev, Shmerl, Reginald Stejfors) and appeared in Inzhenir Shvartz (1923).

Korchaga, a young Soviet mathematician in Petrograd, is visited one night by Shvarc, an engineer and a representative of the two-dimensional Country of Geometrists. Shvarc is visiting the Soviet Union on a diplomatic mission, and he and Korchaga hit it off. Before he departs, Shvarc leaves his notes on the Country of Geometrists to Korchaga, But as Korchaga reads the charts he sees that they may possibly indicate that Shvarc and the other coadjutors on the mission are advance scouts of an invasion.

* I'm including Inzhenir Shvartz in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of its imaginative content. Early Soviet science fiction didn't often go pulpy, but when they did novels like Inzhenir Shvartz were the result. Invasions of our world by a two-dimensional country? How cool (in a very pulpy way) is that? 

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