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Mesmer, Olga. Olga Mesmer was created by Watt Dell (Vera Ray) and appeared in the comic strip “Olga Mesmer, the Girl with the X-Ray Eyes” (Spicy Mystery Stories, Aug. 1937-Oct. 1938).

Olga Mesmer is a Superhuman. Scientist Dr. Hugo Mesmer saves a mysterious amnesiac woman, Margot, from death at the hands of a knife-wielding murderer. Margot’s eyes have a supernaturally enchanting quality, so Mesmer marries her and subjects her to various experiments, including a “soluble X-ray.” The effects leave Margot bed-ridden, with bandages over her eyes. Mesmer celebrates by throwing a party in the next room. Margot overhears one, tears the bandages from her eyes, and sees through the walls into the room. She turns her gaze on Mesmer, killing him, and then gives birth to her daughter, Olga, and dies. Olga inherits her mother’s ability and as an adult has both x-ray vision and superhuman strength, which she uses to prevent crime. A blood transfusion passes her ability on to another man, Rodney Prescott. Olga and Rodney go in search of the origin of her powers, which turns out to be a race of subterranean immortals ruled over by Margot, who is not dead after all. Then Margot, Olga, and Rod travel to Venus, Margot marries Boris, Prince of Mars, and ends the war between Mars and Venus.

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