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Ray, Vera. Vera Ray was created by Watt Dell (Olga Mesmer) and appeared in the comic strip “Vera Ray” (Spicy Mystery Stories, Feb. 1940?-Dec. 1942, and Speed Mystery, Jan. 1943-?).

Vera Ray is a Superhuman. Scientist Dr. Hannibal Ray is obsessed with radium, which is the key to his experiments. He exposes his daughter Vera to radium-powered Green Rays from infancy, and she grows up to glow in the dark and have a paralytic touch. Vera’s touch also lends superhuman strength to her lover Tom. But Dr. Ray steals radium from a subterranean society of “animal men,” which leads Vera into a series of dangerous and clothing-ripping adventures, such as a death-battle with a giant carnivorous Amazonian plant.

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