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Marvel, Todd. Todd Marvel was created by the French author Gustave Le Rouge (Charley Colmes, Robert Darvel, Doctor Cornelius Kramm) and appeared in Les Aventures de Todd Marvel, Détective Milliardaire #1-20 (1923); the series was reprinted across Europe from 1925 to 1930.

Todd Marvel is a gentleman detective. He is extremely wealthy, both from family wealth and from coal mines in Pennsylvania and chrome and iridium mines in Guatemala, and uses his wealth to solve various crimes. But because he is so well-known, he poses as humble private detective John Jarvis, which allows him to investigate and apprehend criminals who might know who Marvel is. Marvel’s arch-enemy is the Evil Surgeon Mad Scientist Karl Kristian, the "King of Transplanting," who is a lesser version of Le Rouge’s Doctor Cornelius Kramm.

Marvel appears in stories with titles like "The Secret of Wang Tai" (a Yellow Peril story), "Attacks of the Isis Lodge," and "The Hypnotic Portrait."

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