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Kramm, Doctor Cornélius. Dr. Cornélius Kramm was created by the French author Gustave Le Rouge (Charley Colmes, Robert Darvel, Todd Marvel) and appeared in Le Mystérieux Docteur Cornélius #1-18 (1912-1913); the stories were reprinted in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

Dr. Cornélius Kramm is a Evil Surgeon Mad Scientist—he is “the Sculptor of Human Flesh”—who is trying to CONQUER THE WORLD! from his opulent apartment and the lunatic asylum he maintains in New York City. On Kramm’s side are his brother Fritz, the sadistic Baruch Jorgell, a billionaire’s son with a love for electrocution, and the Red Hand, a vast international crime empire whose headquarters lie on Hanged Man’s Island. Kramm is opposed by the easygoing naturalist Prosper Bondonnat. Their struggle ranges across the globe and took place on every continent and sea, with Bondonnat and an alliance of heroes eventually triumphing over Kramm.

Kramm appears in stories with titles like "The Sculptor of Human Flesh," "Knights of Chloroform," and "The Portrait of Lucrèce Borgia."

* I'm including Doctor Kramm in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of the imaginative content in the stories and the amount of fun that they are. Le Mystérieux Docteur Cornélius is all ideasplosion, all the time, which if you're like me (and I know I am) is all to the good. Le Rouge was an imaginative writer, but Docteur Cornelius is his most consistently imaginative work. It's also his best work in serial form, High Pulp distilled into eighteen issues of awesomeness with wonderfully perverse villains and appropriately heroic heroes. Doctor Cornelius is all that and just a bundle of fun to read. Highly recommended. 

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