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Lipponen, Pekka. Pekka Lipponen was created by “Outsider,” the pseudonym of the Finnish author Aarne Haapakoski (Klaus Karma, Martti Kyttä), and appeared in hundreds of radio serials, stories, novels, movies, magazines, and comics from 1945 to 1961, beginning with Kalle-Kustaa Korkin Seikkailuja.

Pekka Lipponen is a self-made businessman from rural Finland who is equal parts bumpkin, womanizer, braggart, and ruthless swindler. He claims to be, among other things, the “Prince Colonel,” the “Sultan of Suez,” “Space Marshal,” and “Knight Commander of the Order of the Bawling Bear.” Lipponen’s best friend Kalle-Kustaa Korkki is a hard-boiled adventurer who is connected with the International Oil Company. Together the two have a colorful series of adventures around the world, from Finland to the South Pole and points in-between, involving everything from Communist conspiracies to murderous apes to dangerous robots.

* I'm including the Pekka Lipponen radio serials, stories, novels, and comics in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because they're all good fun. Lipponen is a very appealing character: part bumpkin, part likable humbug, and part merciless Con Man. Those alone would make for an entertaining series, but Aarne Haapakoski had the good sense to not rely on Lipponen's characterization as the series' premise, but instead to start there and begin building. Kalle-Kustaa Korkki is a good sidekick for Lipponen, the hard man next to Lipponen's softer self. Haapakoski made the meat of the series the fantastic adventures that Lipponen and Korkki have, which are just as colorful, imaginative, and complicated as one could wish. It all makes for very entertaining reading, and it's something of a shame that we only got sixteen years of Lipponen and Korkki's adventures out of Haapakoski. 

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