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Latimer, Long-Headed. Long-Headed Latimer was created by "Cedric Wolfe," the pseudonym of Ernest Alais (Kit and Cora Twyford), and appeared in a number of stories in Pluck in 1908.

Luke "Long-Headed" Latimer is a pork butcher who happens to be clever enough to help the local police, in the person of Inspector Sharp, with a few mysteries. Latimer is a portly, middle-aged, ponderous man whose left hand had been lopped off in a moment of carelessness and replaced with a steel hook. But he is shrewd and perceptive and has a thorough knowledge of the local happenings in Clayford, a little town northwest of London where Latimer makes his practice. He is popular with the locals, and more popular with those men and women who he saves from unfortunate fates or whose property is returned thanks to his efforts. He is assisted by Captain Kidd, a talkative jackdaw, and Dinky, a small, skinny delivery boy.

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