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Kennedy, Bill. Bill Kennedy was created by “Leslie Charteris,” the pseudonym of Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin (Lyn Peveril, The Saint), and appeared in X Esquire (1927) and White Rider (1928).

Bill Kennedy is a Commissioner for Scotland Yard and investigates murders in and around the greater London metropolis.

Bill Kennedy was then one of the Big Four at Scotland Yard. He was a tall, massive man who, except for his size, was rather less less like a policeman than anyone else of my acquaintance. A perverted sense of humour had led him to throw up a promising career at the Bar and walk streets in a blue uniform until such time as he should receive promotion to the detective staff of the Yard…he had a deceptively inconsequential manner and an amazingly acute brain, which several gentlemen now languishing behind bars have occasion to lament.

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