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The Saint. The Saint was created by “Leslie Charteris,” the pseudonym of Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin (Bill Kennedy, Lyn Peveril), and appeared in over one hundred stories and fifty-one novels and story collections and nine films from 1928 to 1983, beginning with Meet the Tiger.

Simon Templar is “the Saint,” a thief and law-breaker who is dedicated to helping people and taking care of the wronged. He keeps a percentage of what he takes, but gives all the rest to those who truly need it. He is full of joie de vivre but is committed to avenging injustice. He lives a good life and has a luxurious apartment and powerful automobile. His background is mysterious, and he has never revealed it, but it is known that he began poor. He is accompanied by the toothsome Patricia Holm, and fruitlessly pursued by Inspector Teal of Scotland Yard.

* I'm including the Saint stories and novels in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of their historical importance. The Saint stories and novels are enjoyable reads, even today--Charteris was a fine storyteller--but what set them apart and earn them placement in the Best of the Encyclopedia list is the fact that the Saint stories and novels were so popular that they established the "rogue hero" story and character type as valid in the minds of the reading audience. The Saint wasn't the first rogue hero--Bulldog Drummond notably preceded him--but Charteris was the best storyteller and writer of the rogue hero series authors (one could have a good time arguing Geoffrey Household (see Roger Taine) vs Charteris), and the quality of the Saint stories and novels along with their popularity established the Saint and not Drummond as the foremost rogue hero, and the most influential of them. 

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