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Fortune, Captain. Captain Fortune was created by Jack Bechdolt (The Barrow Brothers, Henry Rood) and appeared in “The Torch” (Argosy, Jan. 24-Feb 21, 1920); the serial was collected as The Torch (1948). A thousand years in the future humanity has reverted to feudalism after a comet struck the Earth and destroyed civilization. Metropolitan New York City is controlled by a ruling class who live in the surviving skyscrapers. Their servants, the Folk, live in the subway tunnels and serve them as slaves. Fortune is a captain in the Tower army and is driven to gain power, but when he comes into contact with Mary of the Isle, one of the activists on behalf of the Folk, he seems to fall in love with her. But it is only a ruse, and Fortune betrays Mary and her fellow Folk conspirators to the powers of the Tower. However, when he hears the death sentence pronounced on her, Fortune changes his mind and rebels. He is also sentenced to death, but the Folk underground rescues him alongside Mary, and after a climactic battle the Tower leaders are killed and the Folk take power.

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