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Rood, Henry. Henry Rood was created by Jack Bechdolt (The Barrow Brothers, Captain Fortune) and appeared in three stories in Flynn’s in 1925 and 1926, beginning with “Henry Rood–Successor” (Flynn’s, Sept. 12, 1925).

Henry Rood is a not-particularly-intelligent country boy who wants to become a private detective. So he gets his private investigating degree from the “Eureka Correspondence System of Crime Detection, specializing in Finger Printing and Deduction” and travels to the city to buy the Argus Detective Agency. But after Rood pays a thousand dollars for the Agency, he discovers the Agency is hugely in debt, and that he has been swindled and has to assume the Agency’s debts. The Agency’s furniture is repossessed, the Agency owes back rent, and Rood is swindled by a Femme Fatale. The only way Rood can survive is by capturing an armed robber and getting the $2000 reward for the man. As the stories progress Rood becomes more successful but no smarter, while the woman who swindled him falls in love with him and proposes marriage to him.

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