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Big Chief Wahoo. Big Chief Wahoo was created by Allen Saunders (Kerry Drake) and Elmer Woggon and appeared in the comic strips “The Great Gusto” (1936-1937) and “Big Chief Wahoo” (1937-1947) and three Better Little Books from 1935 to 1940.

Big Chief Wahoo began as a sidekick to the Great Gusto, a swindler based on W.C. Fields. But Wahoo became so popular that he took over the strip and earned his own strip. Wahoo is an Indian chief who becomes rich when oil is discovered on his land. Wahoo manages to defeat numerous thieves and swindlers and is reunited with his beautiful girlfriend Minnie Ha-Cha after he saves her life. Later Wahoo saves the life of Steve Roper, a press photographer, and the pair began traveling overseas and taking on espionage cases and other dangerous assignments, such as the Mad Scientist Doctor Weerd, who sends him back in time. In 1947 Roper took over the strip from Wahoo.

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