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Drake, Kerry. Kerry Drake was created by Alfred Andriola (Yankee Rangers) and Allen Saunders (Big Chief Wahoo) and appeared in the comic strip “Kerry Drake” (1943-1983).

Kerry Drake began as an imitation of Dick Tracy, but the violence and sadism of “Kerry Drake” was always higher than that of “Dick Tracy,” and eventually “Kerry Drake” gained its own personality. Kerry Drake is a "keen-witted, cotton-topped" man who begins as a private detective "attached to the staff of the district attorney" but eventually becomes a police detective after the murder of his fiancée. Drake gets personally involved in his investigations and inevitably takes on violent, nasty cases--serial murder and gang violence, among others–and colorful criminals, including Fingers, Dr. Zero, Mr. Goliath, Bottleneck, Mother Whistler, DDT, Kid Gloves, No Face, Stitches, etc.

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