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Zulerich, Herbert. Herbert Zulerich was created by D.D. Sharp and appeared in “The Eternal Man” (Science Wonder Stories, Aug. 1929) and “The Eternal Man Revives” (Wonder Stories Quarterly, Summer 1930).

Herbert Zulerich is an octogenarian scientist who has discovered a means to grow bacteria to the size of elephants and a formula which grants its subjects immortality at the cost of a death-like paralysis. Zulerich tests this on a rat, and then finds the cure for the paralysis: ordinary soda. But when Zulerich takes the immortality formula he forgets that, once paralyzed, he can’t drink the soda, and his paralyzed body is put into a museum, where he is taunted by the rat. In the sequel Zulerich is awakened in the 24th century, a mechanistic and tyrannical place in which the will of the ruling council is enforced with robotic “telecops.” Zulerich gives the Council members his immortality formula, thus paralyzing them and ending their rule, but removing them only leads to anarchy, and Zulerich finally destroys himself and the Council.

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