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Zed-29. Zed-29 was created by the Canadian author Michel Leroux and appeared in Les Aventures Fantastiques de l'Agent Zed-29, L’As des As Canadiens #1-207 (1945-1953).

Zed-29 is a top spy for the Canadian Secret Service. During World War Two he fights the Germans, but as soon as the war ends he begins fighting Communists, both at home in Canada and abroad, in Europe and Asia. He’s active in Moscow, Seoul, the Yellow Sea, Tokyo, Iran, and Czechoslovakia, fights twin spies, master burglars (the Cat), Yellow Perils, Femmes Fatale (like the “Snake Woman”), and a Communist Mad Scientist, “the Microbe Maker,” who is manufacturing biological weapons, and helps the Jungle Hero “The Tarzan of Korea” during the Korean War. He also stops the Rosenbergs from stealing further atomic secrets.

Zed-29 appears in stories with titles like “The Hell of Seoul,” “Twin Spies,” and “Hatred Between Traitors.”

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