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Yorke, Anastasius. Anastasius Yorke was created by G. Sidney Paternoster (Randolph Mannering) and appeared in six stories in The Red Magazine in 1912, beginning with “April Fools” (The Red Magazine, Mar. 1, 1912).

Anastasius Yorke is a Con Man. He is a hardworking, bright young man in London who works for an unscrupulous businessman (and anti-Semitic stereotype) who pays Yorke badly. Yorke is discontented with his lot and his fortune until he discovers, on a sidewalk, the business card of a Scotland Yard detective. Yorke instantly has an idea about how to use it to swindle his employer out of a large sum. Yorke succeeds and launches himself on a career of philanthropy by means of cheating and robbing bad people.

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