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Tyler, Tim. Tim Tyler was created by Lyman Young and appeared in the comic strip “Tim Tyler’s Luck” (1928-1996) and a film serial in 1937.

Tim Tyler begins as a young orphan who is thrown out of his orphanage when he turns fourteen. Tyler meets another orphan, Spud Slavins, who quickly becomes his best friend, and the pair go to work for Sky Lane Airways. Tyler and Slavins learn to fly from Sky Lane's best pilot, Roy Fleet, and the trio begin flying around the world and having adventures from Alaska to India to China to Arabia. Fleet meets his future bride in the "jungle heart of India;” she is Mary, the Jungle Hero "white princess of the jungle." While in the jungle the trio also meet Fang, a black panther that eventually becomes their pet.

After several years Fleet returns to America and Tyler and Slavins join the Ivory Patrol, a group of Africa Hand white settlers who are trying to regulate the ivory trade in Africa but are soon led into acting as peacekeepers. Serving in the Patrol under Sgt. Paul Clark, Tyler and Slavins round up river pirates, Red rabble-rousers, and ivory smugglers; they save explorers and settlers in trouble, they discover Lost Races, they put down local uprisings, and they help a European princess regain her throne.

Their main enemy at this time is the bandit chief Spider Webb, a nasty piece of work who leaves his enemies strung up in jungle vines. After several years in the Ivory Patrol Tyler and Slavins return to the United States. They enlist in the Coast Patrol and are put under the command of Roy Fleet. With Fleet Tyler and Slavins fight Axis saboteurs, pirates, and spies with names like “Captain Phantom,” “the Octopus,” and “the White Dragon.” During World War Two the trio team up with and occasionally clash with Trixie Keene, an agent of American counterespionage, and in the later stages of the war Tyler and Slavins go on missions in the South Pacific.

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