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Steve. Steve was created by Roland Davies and appeared in the comic strip “Come on Steve” (1932-1949) and six animated films in 1936 and 1937.

Steve is a young horse who is exuberant, cheerful, and full of energy (if not always particularly bright) and is always eager to investigate (and often imitate) what humans are doing and to help them out. Naturally, this leads him into a variety of interesting situations and occasionally adventures.

* I'm including "Come on Steve" in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because the strip was well-written, deceptively well-drawn, and utterly charming. "Come on Steve" was popular in its heyday but has slipped into a memory hole and been dismissed by critics as a "gag strip." It was a gag strip, to be sure, but Davies made the gags work for eighteen years while also establishing the characters of Steve and his supporting cast--which is no mean feat. Cranking out funny joke strips week after week for years on end is hard--comedy is surprisingly difficult to do on a consistent basis. Steve himself is charmingly good-natured, but what really stands out is the humor Roland Davies creates and maintains in the strip. It's a technical achievement deserving of respect. 

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