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Son of Sherlock Holmes. The Son of Sherlock Holmes appeared in the anonymously written Dutch dime novel De Avonturen van den Zoon den Sherlock Holmes, verhaald door Dr. Watson, de Vriend van Sherlock Holmes #1-7 (Nov. 1909-July 1910); later stories about the Son appeared in the French novel Les Aventures du Fils de Sherlock Holmes (c. 1911?) and Les Nouvelles Aventures du Fils de Sherlock Holmes (c. 1912?).

The Son of Sherlock Holmes is a Great Detective. Unlike his father, however, the Son (Sherlock Jr.) lives expensively in New York City as the assistant to Dr. Watson, who is now the chair of the Post-Graduate Hospital and caters to the 400 of New York City. The Son runs with the fashionable set, drives a fast car, collects French paintings, and attends the opera, but he is as good a crime-solver as his father when he is called upon to do so. 

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