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Raven, Alf. Alf Raven was created by “Kaptein Munk,” the pseudonym of the Norwegian author Olaf Wilhelm Erichsen, and appeared in Naar Lænkerne Brytes (1915) and Krig (1915).

Alf Raven is an idealistic soldier who is a lieutenant in Norway’s army. He serves in a unit guarding the border to Sweden, and would love for Norway to go to war, but he is continually stymied by alcoholic officers and incompetent soldiers. When World War One starts and Raven finally gets a chance to see action, the Norwegian forces are crippled in their battle with Sweden when the Norwegian workers go on strike and fight the government while chanting socialist slogans like “Down with the throne, the altar, and the moneyed classes!” A German cruiser threatens to bombard Kristiana but is sunk by a Norwegian plane, after which the striking workers remember that they are patriotic Norwegians and join the army. Raven dies a hero’s death while saving Sweden from an invading Russian army.

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