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Ratichon, Hector. Hector Ratichon was created by the Baroness Orczy (Lady Molly, Man in Grey (II), Old Man in the Corner, Scarlet Pimpernel, Skin O’My Tooth) and appeared in seven stories which were collected in Castles in the Air (1921).

Once, Hector Ratichon was among the best confidential agents of the French government, whether Robespierre’s, Napoleon’s, or King Louis’, and “no one, in the whole of France, has been so useful or so zealous in tracking criminals, nosing out conspiracies, or denouncing traitors as I have been.” Yet he has suffered reversals from “a persistently malignant Fate” and been reduced to the penurious status of “volunteer police agent” in Paris in 1815. After solving various crimes and conspiracies, usually for his own benefit, he finds love and a small fortune.

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