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Radio Boys (I). The Radio Boys were created by “Allen Chapman,” a Stratemeyer Syndicate house name used in this case by John W. Duffield (Army Boys, Bomba (I)), and appeared in the thirteen-book “Radio Boys” series, beginning with The Radio Boys' First Wireless, or Winning the Ferberton Prize (1922) and concluding with The Radio Boys to the Rescue, or, The Search for the Barmore Twins (1930).

The Radio Boys (I) are Jack Hampton, Frank Merrick, and Bob Temple, all Yalies who find adventure and romance through the use of their radios. The three are moral, upright, and pure, great athletes and boxers, and use their radios to travel the world, right wrongs, help the oppressed and innocent, and Do Good in all the important ways. On at least one occasion their adventures stray into the fantastic, as when they become involved with a Lost Race Atlantean city in the North African deserts.

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