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Pye, Professor. Professor Pye was created by Warwick Deeping and appeared in the story serial “The Madness of Professor Pye” (The Passing Show, Apr. 14-May 5, 1934); the stories were collected in Two in a Train (1935).

Professor Pye is a Mad Scientist. Albert Pye was always intelligent, even as a young man, but “he possessed a great brain and an unfortunate exterior, a certain resemblance to an undersized grey he-goat.” That, and a tendency to waspishness, led to rejection from women. And when he was a college student a stroke of brilliance was stolen from him by an older professor, who claimed and was given credit for it. That drove Pye to become a recluse and to continue his experiments on atomic power by himself, aided only by his maimed, faithful servant Hands.

At length Pye discovers the source of atomic power, a particle he dubs “On,” which he uses to power a death ray. From his tower in Surrey he begins experimenting, and kills increasing numbers of cows and people, and in his vicious misanthropy decides to CONQUER THE WORLD! by wiping out most of humanity and forcing the rest to beg for mercy. He wipes out Surrey and southeastern England, including London, but lack of sleep and a clever scientist do him in.

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