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Prempeh. Prempeh was created by G.H. Gilroy-Moore and appeared in ten stories in Thrilling Adventures from 1939 to 1943, beginning with “Prempeh’s Ju-Ju” (Thrilling Adventures, Oct. 1939).

Prempeh is a Chief of the Ashanti in the Gold Coast (now Ghana). “In his youth he had fought the English valiantly and cleanly, had been exiled, later repatriated, to become their firm friend and ally.” And he’s happy to work with the British colonial administrators or with Africa Hand Barry Carson, an American trader who is more competent and experienced than the callow youngsters the British send to administer the colony. Unfortunately, World War Two breaks out, and Prempeh is forced to war on the Germans and their allies as well as the corrupt white men they buy.

Prempeh is a “tall, white-haired warrior, draped in a leopard-skin robe…followed by a score of dusky figures carrying spears and trade guns.” Although he likes the British, he has a hatred of the “vile gin with which traders poluted [sic] my people years ago…the foul drink that brought murder and madness to Ashanti!”

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