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Polad, Vefa. Vefa Polad was created by the Turkish author Ziya Calikoglu and appeared in Türk Detektifi Vefa Polad’in Maceralari #1-5 (1944).

Vefa Polad is a Great Detective. Polad is the “Turkish Sherlock Holmes,” a retired police detective who spends his time cultivating his rose garden until he is summoned by the police to solve some particularly difficult crime. Polad is beloved by civilians and feared by criminals, to the point that they gave him the name “the Turkish Sherlock Holmes.” Polad is assisted by Nuri and Halil, and his Lestrade is police chief Pertev Simsek.

Polad appears in stories with titles like, “The Woman in Apartment Number Six,” “Haca Aga’s Gambling Den,” and “Where is the Banker’s Safe?”

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