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Poiret, Jules. Jules Poiret was created by Frank Howel Evans and appeared five stories in The New Magazine in 1909 and 1910, beginning with "The Murder in Judd Lane" (The New Magazine, Oct 1909); the stories were collected in The Murder Club (1924).

Jules Poiret, a.k.a. “Old Pawray,” is a French detective currently living in London. He is a former member of the French Secret Service who retired after a “most distinguished career.” He claims that his superior results as a detective occur when he puts "put his superhuman intelligence to work ... and his brain which cultivated trifles and made them bloom into facts." He has a luxuriant, well-groomed black mustache and a fastidious manner. He cares almost obsessively for his canaries. In other words, he is strikingly similar to Hercule Poirot in a number of respects. Most critics believe that the duplication was unconscious on Christie’s part.

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