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Pharaoh. The Pharaoh was created by the Turkish author A.T. Safkan and appeared in the story serial “Dünya Titriyor” (1942).

The Pharaoh is a Superhuman. The mysterious behavior and then sinking of the General Washington in the Philippines brings all sorts of people together to solve the case: young Turkish mining engineer Celal Sarp, the Turkish pilot Ali Yalcin, and Sherlock Holmes. The ultimate cause of the mystery is the Pharaoh, an immortal who submerges one of the islands and then turns it into his levitating base from which he launches attacks against the Americans. The Pharaoh can turn invisible, can freeze his enemies, and has SCIENCE! devices.

* I'm including “Dünya Titriyor” in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of its imaginative content. One doesn't, as a rule, look to Turkish fiction of the 1930s and 1940s for imaginative (i.e., sfnal) content; Turkish science fiction didn't begin in any real way until the 1960s. “Dünya Titriyor” is a unique oddity in that respect--but, of course, for all that it's science fiction, what it really is, is a prose story influenced by American superhero comic books, which were shipped to Turkey and translated there from the beginning of the Second World War. The Pharaoh is a comic book character, albeit one in prose form and carrying with him the imaginative approach of a German heftroman combined with the better class of superhero comic circa 1942. Not surprisingly, the story is fairly entertaining, if hardly deep. Certainly one of the strangest crossovers Sherlock Holmes ever took part in. 

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