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Paige, Alamo. Alamo Paige was created by Reeve Walker and appeared in thirty-two stories in Exciting Western from 1941 to 1946, beginning with “Paige of the Pony Express” (Exciting Western, Mar. 1941).

Alamo Paige is a rider for the Pony Express. Although he is only eighteen years old, he is the Express’ “ace rider,” a “rock-hard, small-built Texan” under 120 pounds with ice-blue eyes and a “whip-muscled frame.” He wears a Texas sombrero, carries a Colt .44, and rides with a fourteen-year-old William Cody. Paige’s home station is the Bowie Joe Thornton Trading Post at the mouth of the Hatcher River Canyon in Wyoming. Paige’s girlfriend is Texanna Thornton, daughter of Bowie Joe Thornton.

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