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Officer 444. Officer 444 was created by Francis Ford (Ala Kasarib, Lucille Love, Joe Master, The Sphinx) and appeared in the film Officer 444 (1926).

Dr. Blakely creates a gas more deadly than any other in existence. However, he knows that if word gets out about this powers inimical to the United States will want to use it against the U.S., so he tries to keep it a secret, telling the formula only to his nurse, Gloria Grey. She in turn tells it to her son, Frank Grey, Officer 444. However, the Frog, the leader of an international gang of thieves, finds out about the gas and kills the professor. The Frog and his Gun Moll, the Vulture, try to kidnap Gloria Grey, but she passes the formula to the gas, in code, to Frank Grey, leading to chases through the New York sewers, and shootouts in secret passageways and labs. Eventually Frank Grey, with a lot of backup from the N.Y.P.D., takes down the Frog and his gang and saves the day.

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