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Night Wind. The Night Wind was created by “Varick Vanardy,” the pseudonym of Frederic van Rennselaer Dey (Nick Carter (I), Crewe (II), Doctor Quartz), and appeared in four story serials in The Cavalier and All-Story Weekly from 1913 to 1919, beginning with “Alias the Night Wind” (The Cavalier, May 10, 1913).

The Night Wind is a Superhuman Wanted Man. Bingham Harvard is a bank clerk wrongly accused of theft. However, Harvard does not go quietly into custody and becomes a fugitive instead. The police pursue him, only to discover their mistake as Harvard begins preying on them. Harvard, called "the Night Wind" by the police for his elusiveness, does not kill the police, but he is quite content to break their limbs. He finds this easy to do, as he is at least five times’ stronger than a normal man. The police finally call in Kate Maxwell (later Maxwilton), a nurse turned police detective, to capture Harvard. She becomes convinced he's innocent, they fall in love, and together they escape from Gotham after marrying. They eventually return to the States, and after various harum-scarums and to-dos over various story arcs corrupt police and bank staff are uncovered, Harvard's good name restored, and Harvard and his wife live happily ever after.

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