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Lindner, Karl. Karl Lindner was created by the German author Ludwig Anton and appeared in Brücken Uber den Weltenraum (1922).

Karl Lindner is a Planetary Romance Hero. Lindner, Meixner, and Taussi are three German soldiers fighting in World War One. Near the end of the war they discover that the mineral varium, when stimulated by electricity, cancels gravity. The trio, and a German financier, buy an island off the coast of Mexico and use their discovery to create a spaceship, with which they explore the solar system. Venus is Earth-like but inhabited by giant, intelligent, hostile flying ants. It also has a large amount of diamonds, which Lindner et al use to build a base on an island in the South Pacific. They gather together German settlers, build new and larger spaceships, and establish a colony on Venus.

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