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Holy Joe. Holy Joe was created by Vincent Harper and appeared in “A Cure of Sole” (The Saturday Evening Post, June 10, 1905) and “A Cycle of Cathay” (The Saturday Evening Post, Aug. 5, 1905).

The Reverend Joseph “Holy Joe” Aloysius McCann serves in New York City’s lower East Side. He is beloved by his constituency, but even more so by the men at police headquarters on Mulberry Street, for he does much to make their job easier. He has an insatiable curiosity, a deep knowledge of the underworld, and an “impish joy in pitting his own shrewdness against that of the past masters of the game.” Holy Joe knows all the dodges, is not fooled by ruses, and always gets his man, and once they are in jail tends to their souls as a priest should. (The similarities to Father Brown are surely coincidental).

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