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Götz, Konrad. Konrad Götz appeared in the German dime novel Konrad Götz der Wandervogel #1-47 (1914-1915).

Konrad Götz is a wandering adventurer who travels the world, from the American prairies to Belgrade to Russia. He fights smugglers in Corfu, the Shylock of Saloniki, the “robber Pasha,” and the “Gypsy Baron.” In 1914 Götz is a witness to the murder of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, but when the war breaks out he is unable to reach the German army, so he joins up with the Österreichern in their "revenge-war against Serbia."

Götz appears in stories with titles like “The Promise of Roland,” “At War with the Cossacks,” and “The Cliff Smugglers of Corfu.”

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