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Gafran, Kurt. Kurt Gafran was created by “Kurt Gafran,” the pseudonym of the German author Kurt von Gagern-Frankenthal, and appeared in Kurt Gafrans Reiseabenteuer #1-56 (1922-1932); the series was reprinted in Sweden as Kurt Gafrans Reseäventyr (1923-1924).

The stories in Kurt Gafran’s Travels are supposedly the stories of the real Kurt Gafran and his adventures in India, the Sahara, Mexico, New York, around the Mediterranean, in the Rif desert, Sumatra, etc. Unusually for the heftromanes, the stories appeared in sequences, so that issues #1-4 were the "Der Inder" series, #5-7 were the "Bei den Räubern der Sahara" story arc, and so on. Gafran’s series are “The Indians”, “Robbers in the Sahara,” “The Theft of the Diamond of Puri,” “Among the Indians of the Grand Chaco,” “Fanatics of the Wastes,” “A Dying People” (about Chinese in America, Apaches, and other non-WASP ethnicities), “The Scourge of the People” (involving Muslim fanatics), “From the Cape to the Mediterranean,” “In the Rif,” “Idols and Ghosts,” “The Rebel of Madagascar,” and “The Gypsy.”

Gafran appears in stories with titles like “The Black Tyrant,” “The Slave King,” and “The Riddle of Sumatra.”

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