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Friberg, Harry. Harry Friberg was created by the Swedish author Stieg Trenter and appeared in twenty-four novels from 1944 to 1967, beginning with Farlig Fåfänga.

Harry Friberg is a skilled photographer and amateur detective who lives and works in Stockholm, a city with witty and friendly people, an agreeable atmosphere, and a constant stream of miraculous pleasantness. Friberg is tall, with a happy-go-lucky disposition, and is initially drawn into solving crimes only to help his friend, Kriminalintendent Vesper Johnson. As time passes, Johnson regularly calls on Friberg to help him. They are an odd pair, Friberg being slim, a gourmand and ladies’ man, and Johnson being small, vain, melancholy and a snob, but they work well together. Friberg’s cases often end up involving murder in addition to espionage.

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