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Duncan, Baronet. Baronet Duncan was created by the German author William Harrison and appeared in Baronet Duncan, Aus Düsteren Kellern und Kaschemmen, der Kampf um 218 Millionen #1-38 (1922-1923).

Baronet Duncan is a domino-mask-wearing Lupin. His exploits have an over-arching plot, involving the Baronet's war, against a rival gang of thieves, for a treasure trove of $218,000,000. This war takes Duncan all over the world, starting with a joust against Sherlock Holmes and bringing Duncan to New York City, Cairo, Hungary, Istanbul, the Carpathian mountains, India, and Borneo.

Duncan appears in stories with titles like “The Steel House Under Baker Street,” “The Suicide Club,” and “The Island of the Dead.”

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