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Drew, Nancy. Nancy Drew was created by “Carolyn Keene,” the pseudonym of Mildred A. Wirt (Ruth Darrow, Doris Force, Penny Parker) and appeared in the 173-book “Nancy Drew” series, beginning with The Secret of the Old Clock (1930) and continuing today. Nancy Drew is a blonde teenager who lives in River Heights, a suburban town somewhere in the Midwest. She is the daughter of Carson Drew, a “noted lawyer engaged largely in mystery cases.” Nancy Drew’s mother died when Nancy was very young, and Nancy has been raised by her father and by Hannah Gruen, a plain, elderly woman who does the housework and cooking in the Drew household. Drew begins solving crimes when she becomes interested in her father’s work and helps him solve several of his more unusual cases. She then begins working on her own and successfully solves dozens of difficult cases. Drew is pretty but not beautiful. She is a slim, athletic, attractive blonde beloved by everyone, from her parents to her teachers to random passers-by. She is smart but not brilliant, well-educated and able to discourse on any number of subjects (she pays attention in school and gets As). She can fix broken engines, dance ballet with a sprained ankle, ably shoot a Colt .44, drive and pilot, and is a credible mimic. Drew is assisted by her boyfriend Ned Nickerson and her girlfriends George Fayne and Bess Marvin.

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