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Doe, John (I). John Doe (I) was created by Paul Ellsworth Triem (Mother Hansen, Ting-a-Ling) and appeared in sixteen stories and serials in Detective Story Magazine from 1928 to 1930, beginning with “Enter–Mr. Doe” (Detective Story Magazine, June 9, 1928); three of the stories were collected in Alias John Doe (1930).

John Doe (I) is a Lupin. “John Doe” is actually Dale Worthington, a wealthy young playboy. He is smart (enough so that he can play a chess grandmaster to a draw), handsome, athletic, and is twenty-four and has grey eyes. He is also so bored that the only thing that really interests and thrills him is theft. But he only steals from those whose money is illegal in origin. He puts on facial disguises and becomes John Doe, a heroic thief, a picker up of unconsidered trifles and rescuer of endangered women. He takes on blackmailers, kidnapers, ruthless millionaires, crooked police commissioners, and most memorably Dr. Gold, a Mad Scientist with a zombie army. Doe is aided by his wife, Molly, a jewel thief who got into theft for the same reason as Doe.

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