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Cuyk, Werumeus. Werumeus Cuyk was created by “Jan Palet,” the pseudonym of the Dutch author Anita Rambonnet, and appeared in De Moord in Het Berghotel (1934), Dertien (‘13') (1936), and Paladijnen in Péot (1941).

Werumeus Cuyk is an Indian amateur detective who solves a variety of murder cases in the Dutch East Indies. He is officially an inspector at the Department of Finance, and so his efforts to solve crimes are initially met with hostility by the police. Cuyk wears them down, however, solving cases until they finally welcome his help, especially Inspector Bokam. Cuyk reads detective novels as a hobby and applies what he learns in them to real life cases, although he is on the older side and is old fashioned in his morality, especially toward young women. He is Watsoned by his friend Henry Kolleman.

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