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Chip. Chip was created by “Duncan Storm,” the pseudonym of Gilbert Gover Floyd, and appeared in forty-two stories and serials in The Boys’ Friend and Greyfriars Holiday Annual from 1917 to 1927, beginning with “The Boys of the ‘Bombay Castle’” (The Boys’ Friend, Sept. 1, 1917).

Chip and his chums are a group of stalwart British lads whose parents are serving in India. Chip et al. get up to a great lot of adventure while their parents’ attention is elsewhere. They fight German foes during World War One; they travel to "Skull Island;" they discover the Wild Man of Borneo; they fight pirates in the Amazon, the Caribbean, and the China Seas; they fight Tao Ling, a Yellow Peril; they fight slavers, wicked tongs (the Red Lotus), Thugs, and kidnappers.

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